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Attractions To Visit In Santa Monica On Your Bike Rental

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One of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Santa Monica is to take a bike ride and see all the sights and attractions. There are plenty of places to ride in the area, including scenic bike paths, trails, and paved routes along the beach.

Many vacationers ask which attractions within biking distance they should visit. The good news is that Santa Monica is a fantastic place to ride a bike, so there are plenty of things to do and see – all within riding distance! It’s perfect for adventurers looking to see the sights under the California sunshine.

Start With The Santa Monica Pier (0.2 mi)

The Santa Monica Pier has been a symbol of California coastal life since 1909, and it’s a must-see during your visit. Located right next to Boardwalk Bike Rentals, this iconic attraction is one of the most photographed locations in the world. The pier has something for everyone – breathtaking ocean views, rides, games, restaurants, shops, and endless treats.

Whether you’re taking a romantic bike ride for two or enjoying an outing with the entire family, the Santa Monica Pier needs to be one of your stops.

Third Street Promenade: A Must-See (0.9 mi)

Just an 8-minute ride down Arizona Avenue will bring you to the Third Street Promenade. Located in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, the promenade is a three-block area filled with shopping, restaurants, bars, and street performers.

Best of all, it’s not accessible to cars, so it’s 100% bike-friendly! Here, you can shop at one of over 80 retailers located inside the upscale Santa Monica Place or check out one of the restaurants featuring local ingredients and California flavor.

For Classic California, Visit Ocean Front Walk (0.8 mi)

When you think of biking through coastal California, Ocean Front Walk is most likely what you’re picturing. It’s one of the best places around to put the sandal to the pedal and smell the ocean air.

Ocean Front Walk is a wide, paved path for walking, running, and of course, biking. Out there, you’ll see plenty of beach cruisers enjoying the California sunshine all year long. And, of course, there are plenty of restaurants and shops to check out along the way.

If it’s a family outing, be sure to check out the stone-walled sandbox with the kids.

Visit Venice Beach On Your Bike Rental (0.5 mi)

A trip to Santa Monica isn’t complete without checking out world-famous Venice Beach. After a quick half-mile ride, you can cruise or stroll the Boardwalk or ride along the surf, enjoying the ocean breeze on your face.

Venice Beach is the perfect place to stop for a picnic or have lunch at one of the numerous restaurants if you want to enjoy the local flavors.

Enjoy The Outdoors At Palisades Park (0.3 mi)

There may not be a better place to visit on your bike rental than Palisades Park. There, you can enjoy a 26.4-acre park just a short distance from the heart of downtown Santa Monica. You can enjoy some of the best of what Santa Monica has to offer here: a beautiful rose garden, stunning beach views, perfect picnic spots, historic architecture, public art installations, and over 30 different plant and tree species.

The park’s size and linear design make it an ideal place to ride your bike and enjoy the California coastline.

See Santa Monica’s Best Attractions On Your Bike Rental

A bike rental is one of the best (and most popular) ways to see all that Santa Monica has to offer. If you decide to spend an afternoon cruising the seaside, you can easily plan these attractions into your route. In addition, they’re so close to each other that you probably won’t even need a map!

Be sure to bring a backpack so you’ll have something to carry all the goodies that you’re bound to pick up on The Pier and the shops around the Third Street Promenade! And if by chance you have built-up an appetite as you head back to Boardwalk Bike Rentals, stop by and see our friends over at Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café. It’s a great place to hang out, grab a bite and enjoy a nice refreshing beverage after an all-day adventure exploring Santa Monica in your bike rental. Happy cycling!